Szilvia Takács

Counseling psychologist, relaxation therapist, marriage and family therapist, EMDR therapist 

After my studies in aesthetics and cultural studies, I started studying psychology in 2008 due to my interest in science. My focus at that time was on the body-soul relationship, the processes of human learning and memory. I graduated as a psychologist with a master’s degree in cognitive psychology from ELTE and BME. After that, I worked for three years at the CEU Cognitive Development Center, where I addressed questions related to babies’ development in communication, reasoning and social cognition. My theoretical knowledge and experience gained in research to this day provides me with a solid foundation in my work.

In the meantime, however, my interest gradually became more practice-oriented. For this reason, I studied counseling psychology at Eötvös Loránd University, and in 2016 I was employed as a consultant at the University’s Counseling Center. During the three years I spent there, I provided psychological counseling for students, held autogenic training groups for the university staff, and participated in the coordination of the professional practice of psychology students and the supervision of their work. 

I have been training at the Hungarian Family Therapy Association since 2012, so I also work actively with families and couples. In 2017, I obtained the title of relaxation therapist at the Hungarian Relaxation and Symbol Therapy Association. I started studying EMDR therapy in 2018, a humane approach and effective methodology which I have been using on a daily basis ever since to work with my clients. 

Since 2019, I have been focusing on my private practice, where I offer individual counseling, crisis intervention, couple’s therapy, autogenic training and trauma therapy (EMDR). My goal is to help my clients in a personalized, trusting atmosphere with a wide range of tools and methods.


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