Tibor Fehér

Psychologist, relaxation therapist (autogenic training), trainee clinical child psychologist.

I gained experience in working at a Special Education Students Diagnosis and Placement Counselling Committee, where I contributed to the special education and psychological (diagnostic) assessments. Apart from school choice counselling and career counselling, I am experienced in providing mental health services for families of children with integration, learning and behavioural difficulties. 

For those to whom any of the aforementioned are difficulties that one has to go through every single day, I can provide help by offering individual sessions for children/adolescents and child guidance counselling for the parents. We can discuss anything from pre-school or school-related situations to crises within the family however, given the absence of a tangible problem, these counselling sessions are also available for preventive purposes in order to enhance self-knowledge.

Among the competencies of psychologists, setting targets together with the client (following the initial and the assessment sessions) has the greatest importance to me. I am but only one of the professionals present in this process; the client serves as his or her own professional. In lieu of the role of the patient, I offer the role of a partner. 

The reason why I subscribe to this idea is because I believe that together with the professional techniques, it is the relationship with the helping professional that helps bring forth the change. The client is an active participant in sorting out the difficulty at hand. The client and the client’s problem are not one and the same. One needs to be regarded in one’s context, the reason being that difficulties arise as answers to developmental problems. What was useful in coping with or surviving something in the past may be worked through in the relationship with the helping professional so that the client could move towards a more adaptive way of coping.

I am aware of the fact that those clients coming from minority backgrounds tend to be sceptical of psychological services, as they might not have been listened or adequately understood. In my work, I strive to be sensitive to clients’ social class, cultural experiences and their minority or oppressed status. 

I received my degree in Master of Psychology from Károli Gáspár University. My degree program was focusing on Clinical and Health Psychology. I wrote my thesis on relationship dynamics and the lived experience of relaxation. 

I believe in the practitioner–scholar model, hence I gained experience in working as  Graduate Teaching Assistant and seminar leader (Personality Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Assessing pupils with special needs) as well at Károli Gáspár University.

To assure quality in my work, I am undergoing further vocational training, I am frequently present at conferences and I operate under the regular supervision of a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist.

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individual psychological counselling,
child and adolescent psychological counselling,
child psychodiagnostics,
parent consultation, educational